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About Us : Introduction

DPM Consulting exists to enable people to shine.

We do this by providing guidance, structure and direction in people management. 

DPM Consulting began when it became evident that many organisations often lack senior experience to develop people strategic plans that are commercial and focus on business objectives that enable their people to shine.

What sets DPM Consulting apart from our competitors?

  • We provide objective high-level strategic advice and guidance in a cost efficient way, as and when required
  • We enter into an arrangement with no ongoing commitment or liability on your behalf other than fee for service
  • We approach all business needs in a practical and commercial manner with your ultimate business objectives in mind
  • We are about being seen to work closely with you but be independent to your organisation
  • Within our network, we will help you access senior HR skills without having to engage us full time
  • We are all about providing practical, commercial, and strategic people direction


Underpinning the approach of DPM Consulting are four core values. We value behaving in a way that we see as being:

  • Honest - we are honest in all communications and interactions.
  • Trustworthy - we understand the importance of being trusted with confidential information. We will maintain confidentiality regarding any information gained through our services and we will never divulge personal information regarding our clients.
  • Dependable - when we partner with you, you can rely on us to be there for you at all times
  • Genuine - we are down-to-earth, real people that have real experiences and will share our knowledge with you to ensure practical outcomes are achieved

In all our interactions with you and our approach to servicing all our clients, we will be true to these values. Our Code of Conduct encompasses these values, combined with an ethical and moral awareness towards fairness and integrity in all our professional undertakings.



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